La Fabrica



Simple & Creative

La Fabrica was established by Eng. Marwan Geha with a vision to create innovative, luxurious, comfortable and sustainable furniture solutions.

Our team of skilled technicians combine time-honored manufacturing techniques, with the use of the highest quality materials, to hand-build each piece of furniture, designed to make you feel home. Their dedication to their craft, together with our eagerness to maintaining the highest product quality standards, corporate efficiency, and continuous improvement, make La Fabrica a leader in producing quality home furnishing.

Our mission from the beginning was to be recognized by our customers as the leader in premium home furnishing, by exceeding their expectations for excellence in quality, fashion, innovation, and services.

Core Values

Customer Comes First

Your taste, preferences and ultimate vision is at the core of everything we do

Innovation, The Art Of Balance

to shift between timely service, respect for the principles of architecture and decoration and the freedom to let creativity run wild

Agility To Stay Ahead

competition can be constructive, at La Fabrica, we let it literally do that as we build your favorite space to be


a concept at action: we do it right, we do it beautiful, and we do it at time!

Integrity in communication and creation

you will surely understand and be understood, ahead of every project we create and do, together!

Commitment to excellence

It might be your sofa, but it speaks our name. For your comfort and astonishment as well as our desire to shine, everything we do reflects our commitment to excellence

HSR more than CSR

We are a corporate, but a corporate of individuals who care. Humanity and social responsibility is at the heart of how we do business.

Accountability to stakeholders

Wherever you have a solid system, you have solid results. An exciting, accountable and co-responsible atmosphere runs things smoothly and highly at La Fabrica



Our products range from interior design finishing to furniture manufacturing for homes, villas, offices, restaurants, boutiques, hotels and spas, etc. Through close collaboration, we help guide our clients turn their home-goals and visions into a lively reality.

Some of the Furniture design that we provide are:

  • Kitchen & Dinning Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
  • Tables/Doors/Cabinets
  • Business Furniture
  • And many more


Successfully delivered projects from all over the world


Some of our loyal customers & awesome sponsers